Health Insurance Simplified

Let us start with what insurance is. Insurance is a form of protection against risks. By availing insurance, we protect ourselves from sudden, unexpected financial losses. The insurance company will Read more

What Is Tennis Elbow?

The Condition The term tennis elbow might lead people to believe that this is a condition that affects only tennis players. However, while it does affect sports players (racquet sports, golfers, bowlers, etc.), anyone who does repetitive activity that involves the arm and wrist could get afflicted with the condition. For example, painters, cooks, mechanics, [...] Read more

Hip Pain – Causes and Treatment

The hip joint is an extremely durable joint which can take up a lot of wear and tear. It is a ball and socket joint with the rounded head of the thigh bone (femur) fixing into the socket of the hip Read more

Let Kids Be Kids

Most of us would have come across this image on social media – a monkey, a bird, an elephant, a fish, an otter and a dog, all being asked to climb a tree to evaluate their potential. The point the picture is trying to convey is how ridiculous it is to judge everyone on a [...] Read more

Read to Lead

Reading is essential for the growth of an individual and when that individual is leading an organization, reading and gaining knowledge become even more important. While experience in the field of interest is a huge asset, what can add on to it is regular reading which will help a person evolve into the best leader [...] Read more