Understanding PRP

Summary Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections have shown a lot of promise in the field of orthopedics. The method uses the patient’s own platelets to promote healing. It is a minimally invasive procedure Read more

Women in STEM

Globally, women participation in STEM has been low. While in India, the number of women in STEM is better than in most other countries, we too could do better. What are the reasons for this gender gap Read more

Obesity and Osteoarthritis

Facts to Know Before We Start Worldwide statistics show that obesity is on the rise having tripled since 1975. Alarmingly, in India, childhood obesity too is on the rise and this is predicted to increase Read more

Leading Under Pressure

Is there anyone who is spared of pressure in today’s world? Probably not. From students worrying about school and examinations to working professionals worrying about a deadline, pressure is everywhere. Read more

Women As Caregivers

Mention the term caregiver and what is the first image that pops into people’s minds. It is invariably one of a woman’s who is entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of the needs of the Read more