MS Dhoni roped in as brand ambassador by Kauvery Group of Hospitals

Kauvery Group of Hospitals has roped in former India captain and Chennai Super Kings captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, as its brand ambassador. According to a press release, Kauvery Hospitals is a new age family hospital with multi speciality clinical expertise. It is currently a 1,500 bed hospital group with its presence in Chennai, Tiruchi, Hosur, Salem and Bengaluru in addition to a planned entry in new markets.

Manivannan Selvaraj, Managing Director, Kauvery Group of Hospitals said, “Dhoni, who rose from a smaller town and achieved greater heights is similar to Kauvery’s journey. We started with a 30 bedded hospital in Tiruchi and now we are a 1,500 bedded strong group with branches across Tamil Nadu and Bengaluru working towards the mission of delivering quality healthcare at affordable cost.”

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Man with multiple disorders undergoes procedure

 Man with multiple disorders undergoes procedure

A 59-year-old man was recently treated in a city hospital for multiple disorders, including aneurysm, seizures and thrombus. The man had speech impairment, expressed a pulling sensation in his right hand and his tongue was folding inwards, indicating that he was undergoing a seizure, which an ECG confirmed later.

Aravindan Selvaraj, hospital co-founder and executive director said: “Our centre of excellence for neurology offers best-in-class treatment, opting for people with any neurological complication and the neuro-intensive care unit with state-of-the-art facilities provides utmost care and rehabilitation for patients.”

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Chennai’s Kauvery Hospital declares complete self-reliance on in-house oxygen supply

Chennai’s Kauvery Hospital declares complete self-reliance on in-house oxygen supplyKauvery Hospital, a multi-speciality hospital in Chennai, has taken a proactive step to ensure no shortfall in providing seamless care for patients. It has installed two large Oxygen generation (PSA) units within the premises, as of April 2021. During peak times, the units together (each unit or both) supplied Oxygen for more than 250 COVID-19 patients, fulfilling 60% of the total Oxygen requirements, in a short span of two months since the installation of the new technology. As a leading healthcare chain, the installation of Oxygen generation units is a step towards building a resilient healthcare system with efficient management and round-the-clock availability of critical resources to those who require it.

Quality Care at Kauvery

Quality Care at KauveryThe dreams of doctor promoters, who were driven to launch a 30-bed critical care set-up, paved the way for Kauvery Medical Centre. Twenty-one years later, the 30-bed critical care centre is now a colossal 1,200+ bed multispeciality hospital chain operating out of five locations — Tiruchy, Chennai, Salem, Hosur and Bengaluru — with seven hospitals under its wing offering exemplary secondary as well as tertiary care for all.

The Kauvery journey is a tale of two decades. The first decade of Kauvery Hospital’s growth was propelled by Tiruchy. With three hospitals being established in Tiruchy – Tennur, Cantonment, and Heartcity, Kauvery Hospital established a strong sense of trust and loyalty for offering expert and compassionate healthcare services.

Chennai hospital recommends music for recovering Covid patients

On World Music Day, which falls on June 21, Kauvery Hospitals, which is observing the day, wants to promote the message that music therapy can aid in improving the overall health of an individual. It’s said that music heals, and now doctors in Chennai’s Kauvery Hospital say that music really helps improve the mental health of recovering Covid-19 patients.

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Kauvery Hospital Successfully Performs Kidney Transplant on a 35-year-old Woman

Kauvery Hospital Successfully Performs Kidney Transplant on a 35-year-old WomanA 35-year-old woman, who recovered from COVID-19 recently, underwent a renal transplant at Kauvery Hospital in Chennai. Her mother, who donated her kidney, also recovered from the infection recently. The Madurai-based patient had come to Chennai for management of chronic kidney failure. The patient was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy, which led to a deterioration in kidney function, necessitating immediate transplant. The patient’s mother offered to donate a kidney.

The hospital’s chief nephrologist, R. Balasubramaniyam, said just as the investigation to check for compatibility and eligibility was completed, the women developed COVID-19 symptoms. Their CT scans were normal and hence, they were placed under home quarantine. After recovery, they were tested for antibody levels, which indicated “they were well-protected from further COVID-19. We then went ahead with the transplant procedure,” Dr. Balasubramaniyam said.

The transplant was successful. The donor was discharged three days after the procedure and the patient was discharged after six days.

Tamil Nadu's First SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Cocktail Treatment for COVID-19 begins at Kauvery Hospital

A new entrant into the treatment portfolio of COVID-19 in India is the cocktail formulation of Mono Clonal Antibodies (MCAb). This treatment is offered to patients early in the evolution of COVID, in the phase of active multiplication of the virus in the body. That is invariably within ten days of the onset of the earliest symptoms of COVID-19. This timely intervention can reduce or even avoid the need for hospitalization by 70 percent.

Kauvery Hospital, one of the leading healthcare chains in Tamil Nadu, has kick started the antibody cocktail treatment. A COVID-19 patient with mild symptoms has already been the first to receive this treatment. The individual was cancer patient with newly diagnosed of early onset of renal failure, and therefore at high risk of serious complications of COVID.

Kauvery Hospital successfully treats 63-year-old woman with advanced abdominal cancer through HIPEC

Chennai’s Kauvery Hospital successfully treated a 63-year-old woman with an advanced stage of appendiceal cancer (peritoneal cancer) through surgery (Debulking Surgery & Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC)). The procedure involves pumping heated chemotherapy drug into the abdominal cavity, to act upon the cancer cells which are not visible to the naked eye.

Preventing heart disease

Dr K.P. Suresh Kumar,
Chief Cardiologist,
Kauvery Hospital, Chennai

Heart disease is increasing at an alarming rate in India, and unfortunately, awareness levels about the same are appallingly low. Dr K.P. Suresh Kumar, chief cardiologist at Kauvery Hospital, Chennai, says, “India is the diabetes capital of the world. It is the same with hypertension (high blood pressure). Every third adult in India is hypertensive. And only 33 per cent of those who are hypertensive are aware of it.” And to make matters worse, he adds, “Again, of that group, only 33 per cent get treatment, and of that 33 per cent, only one-third of them have it under control.” Indians, especially south Indians, are more vulnerable to coronary heart disease at a young age and in middle age, he says.

These are very worrying statistics. Also, 66 per cent of diabetics have hypertension, while almost 50 per cent of people with high blood pressure have diabetes. Hypertension is one of the prime contributors to heart disease. “A huge volume of patients remains untreated, and they all develop complications of hypertension,” says the doctor.

Woman with a rare tumour undergoes successful surgery at Kauvery Hospital

Doctors at Kauvery Hospital in Chennai have successfully operated on a 56-year-old woman to remove a rare kind of tumour from a major blood vessel closely associated with the liver.

Congratulating the team, Aravindan Selvaraj, co-founder and executive director of the hospital, said that liver diseases were a leading cause of deaths in India and highly skilled medical professionals and state-of-the-art infrastructure were needed in treating complex diseases.

Liver Diseases and Transplantation Centre launched at Kauvery Hospital

Kauvery Hospital has built a dedicated and exclusive center for Liver Diseases and Transplant with an entire floor for Liver Dialysis, Kidney Dialysis, HEPAFilter, Positive Pressure Room and Sterile Corridor.

Liver Diseases and Transplantation Centre launched at Kauvery Hospital

Photo Caption: (Left to Right) Dr Iyappan Ponusamy, Medical Director Kauvery Hospital, Dr Aravindan Selvaraj , Co Founder and Executive Director Kauvery Hospital Chennai and Dr Elankumaran Head of Liver Diseases Transplantation & Hepatobiliary Surgery, Kauvery Hospital Chennai with the liver transplantation patients and donors during the Launch of Liver Diseases and Transplantation Centre.

Diabetes Helpline launched at Kauvery Hospital

Kauvery Hospital launched a Diabetes Helpline +91 88802 88802 to help the public achieve optimum management of diabetes during these pandemic times. This 24×7 helpline will address all queries related to diabetes management – diagnosis, life style modification, diet, drugs, and prevention of complications.

Photo Caption: (Left to Right) Dr Iyappan Ponnuswamy, Medical Director, Kauvery Hospital; Dr Sivaram Kannan, Chief Physician, Department of Internal Medicine, Kauvery Hospital; Dr K Baraneedharan, Senior Consultant Diabetology, Kauvery Hospital; Y Azitha, Nurse Educator, Kauvery Hospital; Dr B Nivetha, Registrar, Department of Diabetology, Kauvery Hospital; Ms Yamini Prakash, Senior Nutritionist, Kauvery Hospital; Nasreen Fathima, Diabetes Coordinator at the launch of Diabetes Helpline Number. The service will help the public achieve optimum management of Diabetes during these pandemic times and stay safe.