Driving Change for a Better Society

At Kauvery, we do not fear change – we embrace it. We are aware that change is not only inevitable but also necessary for advancement. Hence, when we are faced with change, we take up the challenge and when we are not faced with change, we drive it. Far be it for us to be satisfied with the average; we are committed to pushing even the best further for our patients.

Dr Aravindan Selvaraj was exposed to the benefits of technology during his days in the UK. On his return to India, he was determined that our people here too should receive these benefits. He was thus active in the setting-up of an innovations arm in Kauvery Hospital that encouraged start-ups to deliver affordable and effective health care solutions. Making a change in the society for the better is always the ultimate goal.

Motivating Health Initiatives

With the mushrooming of hospitals that focus on financial gains, individuals who genuinely serve with the best interests of the society in mind are indeed a rare breed. Such people need to be recognized, encouraged and appreciated. The Dr K V Thiruvengadam Award recognizes people who go beyond the call of profession and serve the society.

This year, the award was sponsored by Kauvery Hospital whose co-founder and executive director Dr Aravindan Selvaraj was among the eminent personalities present on the occasion. Considered by many as a healthcare transformation leader, Dr Aravindan is passionate about encouraging social health initiatives which transform the healthcare scene.

The Dr K V Thiruvengadam Award for Healthcare 2023 went to Dr Regi George and Dr Lalitha Regi of the Tribal Health Initiative which is a non-profit organization based in Sittilingi, in Dharmapuri district.

Complex Cases, Advanced Treatments

Kauvery Hospital was in the news for successfully treating a 63-year-old man who is also a heart transplant survivor. Presenting with prostate enlargement, the patient did not improve with medication.Due to this, an advanced laser procedure, HoLEP was performed.The procedure which is known for its exceptional safety profile was a success and the patient recovered.

The extraordinary aspect of this case is that the HoLEP procedure was performed just a month after the patient had undergone a heart transplant.There is no doubt that Kauvery Hospital’s state-of-the-art infrastructure along with the proficiency of its experienced surgeons played a key role in this remarkable achievement.

Speaking about this case, Dr Aravindan Selvaraj complimented the highly skilled surgeons who tackled this complex case with aplomb. Dr Aravindan, a healthcare industry thought leader, has been instrumental in Kauvery Hospital’s adoption of health technology which he believes is essential to improve the benefits patients get from procedures.

Comprehensive Cardiac Care with Kauvery Heart Institute

International standard of care is what will be the focus of Kauvery Heart Institute at Alwarpet which was launched at a 2-day international cardiology conclave organized by the hospital.

Speaking about the heart institute, Dr Aravindan Selvaraj emphasized on the rapid advancements in the field of cardiology and the need to keep up with it. Surgeries like complex coronary angioplasty, impella, heart transplants, etc. would be performed at the centre by expert surgeons. Dr Aravindan, a healthcare industry authority, highlighted the fact that the conclave itself was a platform to promote collaboration between international doctors to further everyone’s knowledge and skills.