Getting to Know Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj

What immediately strikes patients and visitors alike when they meet Dr. Aravindan for the first time is his calm and confident demeanor that immediately reassures patients that they are indeed in the best of hands. Despite having a waiting room overflowing with patients, he is ever meticulous, answering all questions and clearing all doubts with patience and understanding.

Focused on his craft, this passionate doctor has a wealth of experience behind him. It is this experience that has helped him set up the world class Kauvery Hospital in Chennai. That the clinical results of Kauvery Hospital are even better than most of the hospitals he worked with in the UK is a testament to his skill and hard work.

His Calling

Graduating from Stanley Medical College in Chennai and completing his Masters in Orthopaedics from Gujarat University, he crowned his post-graduation with the D A Patel gold medal for being the top ranker.

He spent the next 15 years honing his skills in Ireland and the UK, working in world renowned hospitals like Kings College Hospital and St Thomas Hospitals, London. Returning to his motherland with the intention of setting up a world class facility, he co-founded Kauvery Hospital in Chennai. Today, it is indeed a matter of pride that Kauvery Hospital has expanded to a 1500 bedded hospital with its presence in multiple cities across South India.

Innovations During the Pandemic: Delivering When It Matters

Adversities make leaders out of men. Bringing to light a resilience we never thought we had, tackling challenges with strength and determination, testing the boundaries to innovate and succeed, people rise up to the occasion making what was considered unimaginable, possible!

This is exactly what Kauvery Hospital did during the pandemic.

Kauvery’s Innovation and Technology Enhancement Hub (KITE) that was set up with the purpose of making healthcare accessible to all, came through with flying colours making a world of difference to patients. Be it the Ventago – a lung assist device, the blue stethoscope which made accurate diagnosis possible while ensuring social distancing or the remote pulse oximeter which made constant monitoring possible, KITE’s innovations saved the day for many a patient and doctor!

Accolades & Achievements

Where dedication and determination form the foundation of an ideal, can recognition be far behind? Dr. Aravindan was conferred with ‘The Best Doctor Award’ by the Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University and also with ‘The Pride of Tamil Nadu 2018’ for his invaluable contribution towards healthcare.

Dr. Aravindan is now focused on providing people with advanced orthopaedic and surgical care for bone and joint issues. Especially passionate about alleviating the joint problems that plague the elderly, he is intent on providing the best of geriatric care as well. That bone and joint issues have to be tolerated by the elderly is not a view he agrees with.

Kauvery - 20 Years and Counting

Starting out as a 30 bedded hospital in Trichy with 19 staff members and specializing in trauma and critical care, Kauvery Hospital now has a myriad of disciplines with a staff strength of over 3000 and 5 key centres across Tamil Nadu (Chennai, Salem, Trichy, Hosur and Tirunelveli). What however does remain the same and will continue to stay on in the coming years is their commitment to clinical excellence, superior infrastructure and the genuine desire to provide the best care.

Kauvery Hospital also provides in-house diagnostic services, 24/7 imaging services and a futuristic cath lab. 300 specialists from over 50 specialties have succeeding in carrying out 34,500+ heart surgeries, 6800+ gastro procedures, 4620+ neuro surgeries, 980+ joint replacements and 350+ kidney transplants.

Keeping affordable healthcare as the mainstay, Kauvery Hospital does not compromise on quality but reduces its wastage instead through a number of globally recognized practices. In doing so, Kauvery Hospital has emerged as one among the world leaders in healthcare. Patients always exit the premises of Kauvery Hospital with a smile, a smile brought on by having been well taken care of and cured, a smile that will remain in place safe in the knowledge that with Kauvery Hospital trusted healthcare is just around the corner.

Promises to Keep

Never one to rest on past laurels, Dr. Aravindan is now keen on positioning himself as an expert in the field of joint replacement and senior orthopedic care. Innovations and improved care for the public are targets that are always on his mind.

With new diseases emerging and the need for state-of-the-art management becoming more apparent with every passing day, the people of Chennai are truly fortunate to have a health care leader in their midst to stand up and deliver and that he will indeed deliver is something no one doubts!