Treating Hip Fractures

One of the most common fractures in the elderly is hip fracture, usually resulting from a fall or a road traffic accident. Their incidence increases with age and the condition of osteoporosis. Understanding Hip Anatomy The hip joint is a ball and socket joint that sees the meeting of the hip and thigh bones. The [...] Read more

Gender Discrimination in India

Women have a right to live a fulfilling life – a life of physical and mental wellness where they are able to educate themselves and be financially independent with a job of their choice, become landowners, Read more

Treating Juvenile Arthritis

Juvenile arthritis is not one specific condition; it refers to a number of (mostly autoimmune) conditions that result in joint inflammation in children. Out of all the conditions, juvenile idiopathic Read more

Women and Healthcare

Gender should not play a role in availing healthcare. But unfortunately, it does. The issue is further exacerbated when gender intertwines with other discriminatory factors like a person’s social Read more