Managing Stress with Mindfulness MeditationMay 12, 2023

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Healthcare for the MarginalizedApril 21, 2023

Summary Healthcare is for all. Yet, in spite of many policies being framed to make healthcare accessible to all, there are many marginalized groups which do not get the healthcare they badly need. The Read more

Women As CaregiversDecember 20, 2022

Mention the term caregiver and what is the first image that pops into people’s minds. It is invariably one of a woman’s who is entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of the needs of the Read more

Let Kids Be KidsOctober 19, 2022

Most of us would have come across this image on social media – a monkey, a bird, an elephant, a fish, an otter and a dog, all being asked to climb a tree to evaluate their potential. The point the picture is trying to convey is how ridiculous it is to judge everyone on a [...] Read more

Gender Discrimination in IndiaAugust 9, 2022

Women have a right to live a fulfilling life – a life of physical and mental wellness where they are able to educate themselves and be financially independent with a job of their choice, become landowners, Read more

Women and HealthcareJune 22, 2022

Gender should not play a role in availing healthcare. But unfortunately, it does. The issue is further exacerbated when gender intertwines with other discriminatory factors like a person’s social Read more

The Challenges Facing Medical Education in IndiaJune 15, 2022

The current crisis that the medical students returning from Ukraine are facing has brought some much-needed focus onto our medical education system. Questions ranging from why so many Indians go abroad Read more

A Few Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying Health InsuranceMay 18, 2022

Health insurance has become a necessity these days, yet India still remains a country where insurance possession is dismally low. While life insurance is a priority for people, the same cannot be said about health insurance. A Health Insurance Policy Let us start with the basics and understand what a health insurance policy is. A [...] Read more

Medical Challenges in IndiaApril 8, 2022

Everyone has a right to healthcare. While our metros boast of the best and latest in health care services, our rural areas present a stark contrast with outdated infrastructure and equipment and a shocking Read more

How Can We Help People Who Are Dealing with Mental Health Challenges?March 25, 2022

Mental health challenges are not easy. What makes it worse is the stigma associated with it. People refrain from getting professional help because they fear being ridiculed. What everyone needs to understand Read more