Bone Health: Facts You Should Know

Bones – those crucial components of our body that are taken for granted until a problem arises. Only then do we realize their importance in having made our daily activities effortless. Other than Read more

Understanding Fragility Fractures

Everyone is aware of what fractures are – a complete break or a crack in the bones of the body usually sustained due to a bad fall, while playing high-impact sports or when involved in a road traffic Read more

Treating Septic Arthritis

Septic arthritis is a condition in which a joint and the synovial fluid surrounding it get infected causing a painful condition for which immediate treatment should be sought. Its onset is sudden and it usually affects children and older adults. Possible Causes: The result of bacterial, viral or fungal infection, the way the causative factor [...] Read more

Paget’s Disease: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Many of us are aware of osteoporosis, but not everyone is as well-informed about Paget’s disease of the bone. This is a long-term condition that affects men more than women. Its incidence is greater after 50 years of age and it is often initially symptomless. What Is Paget’s Disease? In normal bone tissue, a cyclic [...] Read more

Commonly Encountered Orthopaedic Conditions in Children

All of us love to see children running around, laughing and playing – their happiness is infectious and uplifting. However, certain orthopaedic conditions can prevent children from being their active selves. The good news is that with early treatment these conditions can be treated and children can have a happy and lively childhood. Given below [...] Read more