Top Healthcare Innovations by Kauvery Hospital

Top Healthcare Innovations

Launch of South India’s First Laser Angioplasty Centre



Kauvery Hospital, Chennai is the only cardiac centre in South India to offer cutting-edge laser angioplasty treatment for patients with blocks in their coronary arteries. This kind of procedure eliminates the need for conventional, open-heart surgery in most patients. Further, the treatment is highly precise and effective, thereby enhancing the quality of life for patients

Launch of India’s First Flex Arm Hybrid Cath Lab Operating Room

On 12th Feb 2020, the country’s first flex arm Hybrid OR was launched by the Governor of Tamil Nadu state, Mr. BanwarilalPurohit. The installation of the Hybrid Cath Lab will enable Kauvery Hospital, Chennai to provide precise and safe treatment to its patients. Such facilities complement Kauvery Hospital’s expertise in the field of cardiovascular and neurovascular surgeries, making the hospital a preferred destination for holistic healthcare.

India’s largest TAVR conference held in Chennai


Trans-aortic valve replacement is a minimally invasive procedure to replace defective heart-valves. In India, Chennai has been a pioneer in introducing TAVR to patients. India’s largest TAVR conference was held between 6th and 8th September, 2019, in Chennai. The event was attended by over 800 senior heart specialists and surgeons from across the country. The conference was presided by Dr. Harshvardhan, Union minister of Health, Govt of India.

Kauvery Hospital launches Robotic Visualisation Technology

On 21st August 2019, Kauvery Hospital, Chennai launched a highly advanced 4K, 3D, and Robotic Visualisation Technology to modernize the delivery of Healthcare. The 3D microscope and robotic surgical device will enhance safety and precision in neurosurgical procedures, improve quality of outcomes and decrease surgical time and Infection rate in patients. The neuro-navigation facility will aid in the endoscopic removal of tumours of the brain and spine.

Kauvery Hospital launches Chennai’s First Memory Clinic

Kauvery Hospital has launched a memory clinic to provide assessment and diagnosis of dementia, offer support and information to patients with memory problems. People with dementia suffer from various cognitive deficits including memory impairment that affects their occupational and social functioning. This results in anxiety, frustration, anger, high levels of stress, and a feeling of isolation, feelings which are addressed by this clinic.

Kauvery Hospital Performs India’s First Anaconda Stent Graft System

In May 2019, Kauvery Hospital performed India’s first-ever Anaconda stent graft, a technologically-advanced procedure to treat life-threatening Aortic Aneurysm Rupture. In India, there are no dedicated stent systems for treating such complicated aortic conditions. Anaconda Stent graft has never been performed in India owing to the lack of expertise. However, Kauvery Hospital decided to import the system and perform the procedure.

Launch of Chennai’s First, exclusive Spine & Brain Rehabilitation Centre

Hamsa is Chennai’s first and exclusive rehabilitation centre for Spine Injuries, Brain Injuries, and Stroke Patients. Hamsa was launched on 29th October 2019 on the occasion of #WorldStrokeDay in the presence of Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj, Executive Director, Kauvery Hospital. The state-of-the-art facility has a results-driven, multiple-therapy approach, and is manned by specialists with various national and international collaborations.

Most Advanced Micro Surgical Lab in Trichy

Microsurgery involves reconnecting tiny parts like blood vessels, nerves, and various tissues in one or more parts of the body. By launching an advanced, micro-surgical reconstructive lab, Kauvery Hospital has become the destination for advanced microsurgical reconstruction services and super-microsurgical services. Such procedures are a boon while treating conditions such as diabetic foot that has a high morbidity and mortality rate.

Smart Staffing Solutions

Kauvery Hospital being at the forefront of advanced patient-care and medical research is very popular with job-seekers and receives hundreds of resumes every day. To reduce the burden placed on their recruiters and also to enhance their recruitment process, Kauvery Hospital adopted an AI-based smart staffing solution that helped identify bottlenecks in the recruitment process and help hire qualified, experienced, and suitable candidates better.

Koach – Seamless Learning, Uninterrupted Patient Care

The Covid-19 pandemic presented many challenges to healthcare institutions such as Kauvery Hospital. Staff and doctors had to be educated on handling various situations on a day-to-day basis. There was no time for the traditional, classroom-based approach and they had to come up with an effective learning system. As a result, Koach, an innovative learning platform that helped frontline workers share experiences, was created and launched.