Encouraging Teamwork – Ways to Achieve Teamwork at the WorkplaceSeptember 27, 2022

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Treating Hip FracturesSeptember 24, 2022

One of the most common fractures in the elderly is hip fracture, usually resulting from a fall or a road traffic accident. Their incidence increases with age and the condition of osteoporosis. Understanding Hip Anatomy The hip joint is a ball and socket joint that sees the meeting of the hip and thigh bones. The [...] Read more

Struggling with Work-Life Balance? Here Are a Few Tips That Might Help!September 5, 2022

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Conflict Resolution – How to Go About It?August 26, 2022

Get a group of people together for duration of time day after day and no matter how well they get along and like each other, a few misunderstandings/disagreements will crop up. This is natural and expected. Read more

Shoulder Replacement – All You Need to KnowAugust 22, 2022

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Gender Discrimination in IndiaAugust 9, 2022

Women have a right to live a fulfilling life – a life of physical and mental wellness where they are able to educate themselves and be financially independent with a job of their choice, become landowners, Read more

All about Joint Fusion Surgery or ArthrodesisJuly 22, 2022

When the pain from arthritis incapacitates the patient and when all the other treatment modalities to handle arthritic pain do not yield results, your orthopedic doctor will suggest joint fusion surgery Read more

Telemedicine – The Benefits and Challenges That Lay AheadJuly 12, 2022

The term telemedicine is not new; it has been around for some time now and the pandemic has generated renewed interest and highlighted the advantages that telemedicine has to offer. Before we go further, Read more

Treating Juvenile ArthritisJuly 7, 2022

Juvenile arthritis is not one specific condition; it refers to a number of (mostly autoimmune) conditions that result in joint inflammation in children. Out of all the conditions, juvenile idiopathic Read more

Women and HealthcareJune 22, 2022

Gender should not play a role in availing healthcare. But unfortunately, it does. The issue is further exacerbated when gender intertwines with other discriminatory factors like a person’s social Read more